26 May 2023

Are your funds still secure? Ledger case

That moment when “Recover” turns into “resign”

Is there a potential backdoor in Ledger’s hardware? With the recent introduction of the Recover service on their crypto wallets, concerns have been raised regarding whether Ledger allows such access. The cryptocurrency community …

23 March 2023

When investing, don’t try to be someone you’re not

Investor’s POV
Interview with Adrian Slany, Bitfold investor, involved in international industry and trade since 2003. Co-owner of technology, trade, IT, and real estate development companies. Since 2019 a user and accidental investor in the blockchain industry. Constantly looking
17 March 2023

Boys with their toys

Boys with their toys

What goes on in the lab when working on Bitfold

These are the times when almost none of the electronic devices available to consumers can be dismantled and repaired, as it was 20 years ago. Over

9 February 2023

A not-so-short story about prototyping

I had a dream. But did I sleep?

Have you ever stayed awake for 48 hours because you wanted to make it perfect? Imagine that you prepared a perfect thesis and overdid it with last-minute improvements just before the presentation
11 November 2022

Do we really own our digital money?

An interview with Max Chrost – partner at Wallet Recovery Services (, a company that specializes in recovering lost Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.

Agnieszka Kożańska: The more the crisis consumes people’s money, the more interested we are to protect it.

7 September 2022

Ethereum: The Merge. Moving consensus to PoS

Ethereum: The Merge. Moving consensus to PoS

Ethereum is the first and most used smart-contract enabled blockchain. Since its creator was a Bitcoin developer, its consensus mechanism relies on a proof-of-work (PoW) model.

However, its upcoming and long-awaited update “The
14 June 2022

Crypto adoption – how does it matter?

Crypto adoption – how does it matter?

Fear has once again frozen the crypto market in May 2022 when bitcoin’s price plummeted drastically in the fifth major reset to date (read more: “History doesn’t repeat itself…”).

It is nevertheless

1 June 2022

Is crypto dead… again?

Is crypto dead… again?

Recent crash in cryptocurrency prices has wiped away more than $300 billion in value. Luna – one of crypto’s fastest growing blockchains – collapsed, what shook the entire market and led many to cast doubt on