We build the future

Bitfold was invented by a passionate user, for users worldwide. Our journey begins 5 years ago… Strap in!


Kamil’s idea about new security technology and product, incorporation of Blockchain Development Foundation

Watch our story:


First investors onboard, EU patent submissions, conceptual work


Seed round closed, grant from the NCBR to Bitfold R&D awarded, EU patent granted

See details of the NCBR grant


BIG THING: our industrial-grade lab equipped, Dream Team recruited, Bitfold AG in Switzerland established

Check out how we work:


MVP: ETH & BTC + FIDO2 integration in progress, patent protection (US, EU - among others)

Check out our MVP in action:


WE ARE HERE: Bitfold prototype, refining the technology, further fundraising, legal structure simplification, application for a promotional grant, community growth


LAST STEPS: assembly line, another grant application planned for further development of Bitfold services, pre-sale of 10,000 devices and NFT campaign, global marketing campaign, Software Development Kit, certificates


LAUNCH: production and shipping of 10,000 devices, Security Token Offering/ IPO NASDAQ - potential investment exit point (possible postponement until 2026), hackathon


SCALING: sale of 50,000 devices,
further partnerships