Why everyone needs a security device for digital assets?

Illusion of safety

Not your keys, not your crypto. Even regulated exchanges are falling victim to hackers’ attacks.

Limited capabilities

Existing wallets are either easily hackable or user-friendly. Nothing combines both.

Future is digital

Value and data locked in digital space is booming. Money, identity, or ownership rights are turning electronic.

Why should you choose Bitfold?

Maximum security

Our patented hardware air-gap technology will provide isolation of private keys from external communication. On top of that, we plan to use advanced tamper-proof and biometric mechanisms to protect your device from physical attacks.

Superior user experience

Bitfold will be a standalone device with a big 5,5’’ touch-screen, intuitive interface and smooth BitfoldOS operating system. It will allow for a seamless operation, without connecting to external devices. Bitfold executes transactions in seconds instead of minutes.

Unlimited use cases

Our state-of-the-art software and patented hardware architecture have the power to make Bitfold a truly versatile tool for today’s and tomorrow’s use cases. It will be much more, than a blockchain hardware wallet - our goal is to build your personal vault for digital assets, authentication and services.

Explore our technology

Bitfold will bring security and access to your assets to the next level. Discover how we combined cold and hot wallet in one device.

Hardware air-gap

Our patented technology made it possible to divide Bitfold into three independent modules. They interact with each other with the use of encrypted protocols. You will be able to transact directly from your Bitfold whilst your keys are kept offline all the time.

Tamper proof

With the support of software solutions (trust zones, digital DNAs, BIST) and physical protection means we are able to prevent, detect and properly react to trials of many types of unauthorized accesses to the device.

Enhanced random source

When generating your seed, Bitfold will use a built-in true random generator from a secure processor hardened with entropy coming from the real world.

Physical unclonable function (PUF)

PUF will be used for securing your seed with on-the-fly encryption and decryption of memory content and on-chip hardware for key storing and extraction.

Full connectivity

Bitfold will connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE. You will be able to transact wherever and however you want. If not transacting, you will also be able to physically turn off all the radio communication modules in your Bitfold – to make your device truly disappear from the local networks.


Our dedicated operating system is designed in C, providing a seamless and reliable experience. At the same time, it is extremely lightweight, efficient and allows for the harmonious work of our 3 independent hardware modules.

Panic button

When in danger, the use of the built-in panic button will erase the keys from your device. You will be able to recover all your assets once the threat is gone by reinitializing your device with your seed.

Biometric verification

To protect your device from unauthorized use, Bitfold will be equipped with a biometric sensor. On top of that, you will be able to set your PIN + Password and customize transaction thresholds for a certain level of authorization.

Privacy first

With Bitfold your keys are never shared with anyone. We do not use any cloud solutions, we do not track you, and we do not touch your data.

Bitfold - side view

Managing your crypto can be much safer and easier

Convenient display

Do you still struggle to compare tiny symbols of transactions on compact screens? Never again!

With Bitfold you will be able to check your trading details on a comfortable 5,5’’ touch-screen.

Convenient display - illustration
Cables? Drop it! - illustration

Cables? Drop it!

Stop wasting time connecting your wallet to another device, launching apps or pairing devices.

Bitfold will be a standalone wallet equipped with Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi and LTE technologies. It can transact wherever you are, however you need with use of available networks.

Safety by design

Forget about managing your valuable assets with another general-purpose device. Doing so you are exposed to many forms of attacks.

Bitfold will provide you peace of mind as a truly privacy-oriented standalone security device.

Safety by design - illustration

Our mission is to provide maximum security and best user experience to consumers and institutions using digital assets and authentication, by building state-of-the-art hardware, software and services.

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Jakub Żurawiński
Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

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